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Reimagining Healthcare IT
Education & Collaboration

From intimate educational retreats to technology procurement and implementation; Our team & Rise Health Group is focused on bridging the gap between healthcare IT executives, technology, and collaboration. 


Technology Suppliers

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Healthcare Providers

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Learn about our recent Healthcare IT retreat in San Antonio, Texas.

RISE20 Retreat Recap
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Collaboration Success Story

During a RISE20 Retreat, two of our hospital executives began talking about installing mobile heartbeat. One CIO from New York had just installed it at his hospital and the other IT Director from an entirely different hospital system in Texas was going through the process himself and running into a few challenges. 


Turns out, the NY hospital CIO had the same challenges and just worked through the process with his team.


They connected their teams, shared their knowledge and experience and the Texas hospital was able to install it with much greater ease. 

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