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Ready to refer & earn?

Earn up to $10,000+ per successful referral!

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About Us

Since 2020, we've been helping businesses nationwide future-proof their technology.

The chapter in our lives, known as VENSEARCH, began in 2020 but started in the late 1990's.  With over 100+ years of industry experience and an desire to serve others, our founders stepped out on faith to become the trusted technology consultant to businesses nationwide.  We can't help businesses with all of their needs but we can certainly help with their technology needs.

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So, how does the referral program work?

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What are the potential earnings for referrals?

Small Business
(1 to 10 Business Phones)

$20 to $200+ per successful referral

Mid-Size Business
(11 to 99 Business Phones)

$220 to $1,980+ per successful referral

Large Business
(100 to 1000+ Business Phones)

$2,000 to $10,000+ per successful referral

What type of business can you refer to us?

Any type of business! If they have business phones and internet then they could benefit from our services.  For small to mid-size businesses, the best contact person for us to talk with is the owner, operations manager, or IT manager.  For large businesses, the best contact person for us to talk with is the CEO, COO, Director of IT, or systems administrator.  If you don't know who the best contact person is for the business you are referring, please reach out to us and we'll assist you with identifying the best contact person.

Example Business Types: Accounting Firms, Law Firms, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Hair Salons, Manufacturing Facilities, Doctors & Dentist Offices, Hospitals, Car Dealerships... We can help ANY type of business!  

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What services do we specialize in?

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Business Telephone Systems 




Business Internet Solutions

(Fiber, Cable, GPON)

Managed Cloud


Why should you refer a business to us?

Referring your business contacts to us is completely optional.  We believe in what we do and love helping clients.  Our passion is helping businesses of all sizes get the technology solutions that help drive their business or organization forward.  If you’re looking for a great way to earn some extra money and help your friends and business acquaintances out, you’ve found the right place!

Do you have to know anything about technology?

Absolutely not! You don't need ANY technology experience to be successful with our referral program.  All you need to have is the contact information for businesses that you are referring to us. The beauty of our referral program is we do all of the heavy lifting: discovery, telecom expense audits, Q&A, presentations, & technology implementation.  All you have to do to qualify to receive rewards is enter accurate business referral information and we'll take it from there.  

When will you get paid for a successful referral?

We are always paid after the product or service has been installed.  We typically receive our payment 1 to 3 months after the project is completed.  You’ll get paid as soon as we receive our payment, GUARANTEED!

How does the payment process work?

When a business you referred to us becomes a paying client, then we will reach out to you and have you fill out our business referral packet.  The completed packet will give us the information we need to ensure we mail the check to the correct address and are able to issue you a 1099 at the end of year.  Once we verify your information and receive our payment, then we’ll mail you a check

Why can you trust us?

We understand they're plenty of scams on the internet.  But we're the real deal.  We have the industry experience, client testimonials, and expertise to prove our position as one of the top technology consulting companies in the nation. Furthermore, we're a Christian operated business who answers to Jesus Christ for all the decisions we make.  We won't ever recommend or do anything that hurts or is detrimental to any client that we serve.  We believe in the doing the right thing for our referral partners and business clients.  

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Ready to Submit an Referral? 

To submit a referral, please complete the 2-step form below.  After you submit the form, we'll reach out to the referred business and work our magic!  If the business, you referred, becomes a paying client we will reach out to you to get more of your information so we can mail you a CHECK! Awesome right!? We think so!  We love helping people and businesses!

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100+ years of combined industry experience.  A family-oriented, Christian operated, business.

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