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Client Testimonials

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“I have offices in Macon, GA, Alpharetta, GA, and Colorado Springs, CO with all client calls coming into the Macon office. The NEC Univerge Blue Connect service from Vensearch is the perfect solution for my business. Vensearch coordinated all parts of the switch to this service and provided excellent support both during and after the sale and installation.”

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Todd Tolbert

Financial Planner

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"VENSEARCH is a great partner. They've helped us build relationships with subcontractors, partners & clients. I trust VENSEARCH."


Leon Spradlin

Eastern Regional Director of Sales

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"We offer on-site technical services across the country; there are parts of the country that are more difficult to reach than others, that’s why we are looking to VENSEARCH; their organization fits so nicely with ours as they deal with individuals that want to find companies like ours to align their businesses with.

The best outreach to engage our services is VENSEARCH; this is a network we have joined because they have the same concept to network, communicate, and educate.
You guys have been awesome!”

David S. Smith

Founder & President

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"I have been working with Wade Brewer LVCU, DCCA,CTPM, Co-Owner since VENSEARCH's inception and he's become a valued business partner/friend. Great people & concept."

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Brian Janosz

Senior Technology Consultant

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“I had an immediate need to equip my new law office with the necessary data infrastructure and telecommunications services. I engaged Wade Brewer; he and the VENSEARCH team were spot on with matching the right products, solutions, service providers, and staying involved for a successful project implementation.Their knowledge of the necessary technologies for a business, industry knowledge,and ability to facilitate solutions for the project made it painless and easy to go live with my office. They were a pleasure to work with.”

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David A. Forehand, Jr.


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“The King Firm established a new office and was in need of telecommunications and technical infrastructure to outfit our office for operations. Having known Wade Brewer from engaging him on our telecommunications and low voltage needs at my previous facility; I engaged him and his team for my new facility. They were able to recommend the right solutions from telephone system, hosted solutions, low voltage cabling, internet, and faxing, and they stayed in the process to ensure a smooth opening for our office. They provided additional value when we had an issue with a legacy carrier that could not meet our needs and stepped in to recommend the right carrier solution and managed the transition process thus making the entire experience less painful. I recommend them to anyone in need of finding the right technology solutions!”

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J.L. King, II



VENSEARCH is your premier vendor-neutral technology advisory firm, dedicated to simplifying your organization's technology journey. With a vast network of over 325+ leading technology partners, we provide tailored solutions for industries of all types. Our mission is to empower businesses with expert guidance, uncover cost-saving opportunities, and deliver cutting-edge innovations that drive success. As your trusted technology advocate, we ensure a seamless and efficient experience, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - achieving your business goals with confidence. Welcome to a world of hassle-free technology solutions with VENSEARCH!




Monday-Friday 9 a.m to 5 p.m. EST

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